DER Hysuau AQ1300

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Chemical name

Cationic acrylamide-based

Chemical family



Thickening agent for acid aqueous compositions and in particular domestic detergents and laundry softeners.

The product is a white creamy water-in-oil emulsion typically used at a concentration range between 0.1%and 5.0% in fabric softener compositions.

Before to any pumping or homogenization processes it is advised to clean all equipment used.


A fabric softener is a liquid composition added to washing machines during the rinse cycle to make clothes feel softer to the tocuh.

Softener benefits:
1- Improve iron glide.
2- Reduce wrinkle.
3- formation during washing.
4- Improve wrinkle
5- removal after washing.
6- Enhance stain protection.
7- Bring a fresh fragrance.
8- Color protection an fabric shape retention.

1- The dispersion and performance is better compared to other thickeners (It can thicken low-active fabric softeners to give a richer appearance).
2- It is effective in both amidoamine and esterquat formulations.
3- It is an easily handled liquid dispersion that can be added to a softener at any point in the mixing process.
4- It improves dispersibility in cold water, prevents any kind of gelling problems and shows a good compatibility with all cationic surfactants.


HOME CARE, LAUNDRY CARE, Industrial & Institutional Cleaning

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